Starting in Freelancing

I’ve seen this question asked many times.  “how do I start as a freelancer?”  There is no easy answer to that.  Everyone will have their own story on how they started as a freelancer.


If you’re like me, you had no idea that you would become a freelancer.  I started my freelance career doing something I like doing: playing online games.  But I played differently.  Instead of playing, I contributed heavily to the game’s community…..and the company who ran the game took notice.  Eventually I was hired to work for them as part of their community and marketing team.  My career took off.  I’ve loved working from home ever since.

Now, not every story will be like that.  Some people have no idea what freelancing is and then they try hard to get into it.

So how do you start?

  1. Figure out what you are great at.  What’s something you are good at that you can master and do every single day?  Don’t do something you think you are sort of good at.  Figure out what you know you are good at.
  2. Make sure you have a good resume that shows how great you are in your skill.  Your resume should include every personal project and professional jobs (if any) that you’ve ever worked on.
  3. Start applying for jobs.  Most people will recommend places like UpWork, which in my opinion is very saturated and full of competition.  I’d recommend less competitive places like  You can also try virtual job agencies such as Virtual Coworker  or Virtual Staff Finder.  You can find them on facebook.

Stay persistent.  Apply for as many jobs as you like.  When you apply for a job, you will have to write up a cover letter.  This is where you have to sell yourself.  Stay focused on the job you are applying for and tell the employer why you are worth hiring.  Figure out what makes you worth hiring.  Specific skills you have might make you stand out.

Never apply for any jobs that you know you will feel uncomfortable or not qualified in doing.  Keep looking.

Finding a freelance job isn’t easy.  You may get lucky and find a long-term job or may find a job that only lasts 1-3 months.  Either way, keep moving.  Freelancing is all about persistence and tenacity.

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