4 Fast Ways To Get a Freelance Job


Whether you are a newbie or an experienced freelance, this question tends to pop up.  What is the fastest way to land a job as a freelancer?  How do you attract clients, locally or abroad?  What strategy do you take to clinch a job once you have passed the interview phase?

Here are some tips to help you:

1. Apply for jobs that you most qualified for via third-party sites.

For this one, I highly recommend onlinejobs.ph.  Most people will mention upwork, elance, and other sites.  Although those sites might be worth setting up a profile on, I’ve found that most of my success has come from onlinejobs.ph.  Lots of new job opportunities everyday.  There will be competition but they never show you how many people applied for the job you are applying for so it gives you more confidence.  The key to clinching an interview is to make a great cover letter and be confident about your skills.  I’ll cover this in another post.  Apply for as many jobs as you can with great cover letters.

2. Apply for jobs via virtual staff finders.

Most people often look down on recruiters and go directly to the client or business.  While this may be a good technique, when it comes to online jobs, it is a little bit different.  A physical business may have tons of job openings and you would want to physically go there directly to apply but online jobs are relatively harder to find but exist everywhere and each online business may only have a few job openings.  Online recruitment agencies have spent many months establishing relationships with businesses and getting a reputation that you may want to take advantage of.

Not all virtual staff finders are the same.  Some have strict rules.  Others, not so much.  Which one is the best?  I would personally recommend Virtual Staff Finder (or VSF).  It make take 1-2 weeks but they will match you up with their best opportunities.

3. Your personal network

Besides the 2 techniques above, nothing beats your own personal network.  Ask people around you if they know of any open opportunities.  This is why you should maintain great relationships with every person you do business with.  I’ve gotten additional opportunities from people I have worked with in the past just because I had a good relationship with them and asked them if they had an opportunity…..or they reached out to me.  Sometimes nobody in your network has an opportunity but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

4. Facebook

Join facebook groups, especially freelance groups.  Ask around or browse through the postings in the group.  People are always posting ads for job opportunities every now and then.


Persistence is key.  Always keep trying.


Do you have any strategies not mentioned here?  Post them below.

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