Best Way To Get To $800 Per Month As a Freelancer

I’ve seen the question asked multiple times.

“So and so earns so and so per month, how can I do it?”

It’s true.  It IS possible.  And there are multiple ways of doing it.

Personally, I’ve been able to make it to 70,000 pesos per month, if I remember correctly, at one point in my freelance career.  That is over $800 per month.

How did I do it?  By no means am I saying I have a lot of money (I am horrible at keeping money that I earn).  I will tell you how I did it.


Method 1: Get LOTS of clients

Don’t overwork yourself.  Get 3-4 part-time jobs or 2 part-time jobs and 1 full-time job and make sure you get your tasks done in your full-time job.

Learn how to get work done faster without lowering the quality by finding the right tools to use.  You can shave off 30 minutes from a single task by using tools.  Listen to music to get yourself focused and get a 3 hour task done in 1.5 hours.

Some people, especially new freelancers, will get overwhelmed by just one client.  Over time, you will learn how to work with one client starting out and as you get used to one client, you will grow to work with more clients.  If you want to earn a lot, you will have to work for multiple clients.  This is why freelancing is not a 9-5 job.  Depending on your schedule, you work from the moment you finish taking your morning shower till midnight.

Method 2: Get FEW clients that pay HIGH

The reason why you should get lots of clients is 2 reasons: 1) Some clients are on a tight budget but need lots of work done.  Do the work that is needed and make them happy and you can use them for testimonials and reviews, which are huge in freelancing. 2) Clients can serve as referalls.  If one client is happy, they might refer you to another lead or they might hire you for another project that have.

Many freelancers dislike low salary, which is why you should look out for the amount of hours you work.  A 6-hour job every day for $200 is way too many hours.  Small salary means small hours.  If you really like the job and the client, you can choose to work more hours.  If you like what you do, why complain?  That small salary accumulates so as you work for multiple clients, your overall monthly income becomes big.  Plus, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about each client and have a good relationship with them.  Just make sure you deliver good work.

As time passes, you might want to focus more on having just a few clients that pay more.   1 client that pays $600 is equal to 3  clients that pay $200 each.  The advantage of having few clients is you get to spend time focusing on the work on just 1 or 2 clients instead of 4 or 5 and you still enjoy good pay.

Method 3: Sell Stuff Online

This is what a lot of digital nomads do to make money fast.  They might still be working for a couple of clients but they focus a lot on selling products online.  If you are skilled in making and managing websites, producing content, social media, and SEO, you can promote your products easily online and make money.  Billions of people go online everyday to search for stuff.  The opportunities of making money online are endless.  You just need the confidence to make it happen.  Find what products you want to sell, find a supplier, then promote yourself.

A previous client of mine was making their own organic food supplements.  They had lots of competitors on Amazon but were still making loads of money. Aileen Adalid is a famous travel blogger from the Philippines who became famous for making money while traveling.

Method 4: Start a business

This takes a lot of confidence and courage.  Usually you might still have a couple of clients on the side to keep the cashflow running, but a great way to make lots of money is to start an online business.  Selling stuff online from method 3 does count as a business.  But you don’t have to sell stuff.  You can offer other things as a service.

Some of the richest people in the world create their own online courses, ebooks, apparel, etc. and find people to sell it to.  Some people call them greedy.  But you can’t make money if your products aren’t valuable.  These people who make lots of money every month create products that propels and elevates their clients to the next level and in return, the clients stay with them every month.  But it takes a lot of mental discipline, time, and energy to make this happen.  Freelancers oftentimes transition slowly intro solopreneurs or entrepreneurs so they can be in full control of what they can do and make more money.


And that’s it.  Yes, it is possible to make lots of money as a freelancer but the amount of money you earn depends on how hard you are willing to work.

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