Number 1 Reason Why Most Freelancers Fail To Get Jobs

There are many reasons why freelancers are unable to get the job they want.  This includes failing to provide a cover letter, updated resume, or not having the right skills or experience for the job.

Opportunities are everywhere.  It takes a good eye and a high level of confidence to see those opportunities.

One mistake many new freelancers make is the tendency to keep asking “how?”.  While it is good to ask questions and be guided on how to go about pursuing freelancing, being spoonfed will not do anything to help you to succeed as a freelancer.  As an experienced freelancer, I always ask new freelancers the following questions:

  • How many jobs have you applied to online? (the more, the better)
  • Do you have a cover letter? (should be “yes”)
  • Do you have a resume? (should be “yes”)
  • What kind of jobs are you applying for? (should match up to whatever skill you are the best at, not just some random jobs)
  • What online profiles do you have? (should be more than one)

When a freelancer says “I’ve done everything I can” yet they miss any of the above, then obviously there’s more to be done.  The ability to try and fail will give you more confidence to try and succeed.  So make sure you do everything with confidence.  Put yourself out there and get yourself noticed.

Freelancing is all about having the confidence to not only sell yourself as a person who can grow someone’s business but also sell what you do.  Don’t misinterpret the term “sell”.  Selling is not about asking for money and being greedy, selling a product with more focus on the product then on the person who will use the product.  The best salesperson in the world knows how to make a difference in people’s lives.  (Though sometimes, this may not be how it seems)  They help people who don’t realize they need help and they help people who ask for help.  Freelancers have the ability to go out and find those people who need help even if they don’t realize they need help.

So…..what is the Number 1 thing that causes freelancers to not get a job?

It’s very simple.

Failing to follow instructions.

It’s cliche but it’s very common to see freelancers failing to follow instructions on any given day.

When you are competing against 10 or 20 or more freelancers for one job, details matter.  When a potential client asks you to email them with your rate, portfolio, and what your favorite food is, don’t just email them with your rate and portfolio.  Tell them what your favorite food is.  Don’t just send your portfolio and say how good you are.  Also send your rate.

Out of 25 applicants, only 3 people will follow the instructions.  It’s easier to go forward and see which 3 people is the best for the job.

Make it easy for the client to hire you.

If someone provides details that you did not provide, chances are that someone will get the job.

Don’t over think.  Just answer the questions.  Show your personality.  Most clients will want freelancers who show confidence and are not afraid of being themselves.  Overall, it looks better if you show confidence in yourself.

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