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Becoming a freelancer can be a scary thing.  Every freelancer who has been a freelancer for multiple years can tell you their share of personal struggles as well as achievements.  Learning from the best and most experienced freelancers might help you and motivate you to get a headstart. Also, scroll down to the bottom of this post to see another blog post that I just made while creating this one.

Nix Enego

Digital Marketing Consultant and Co-founder of Social Media Academy, Blogger at nixeniego.com, Instagram: @nixeniego Facebook

My best advice for aspiring freelancers is to really make sure they’re spending their time on the right things.

If you’re still employed, don’t just resign and go straight into freelancing, unless you’ve saved up to 6 months of salary. Instead — audit how you spend your time. Are you wasting it watching Telenovelas or Black Mirror? Are you playing too much Everwing?

Try to find time-wasting or low-value activities that you can give up and use it to work on your skills instead. Level up your learning by studying online. If you have no cash to invest in online courses, use YouTube, trust me, it’s an insane source of content. Then as you learn, execute by doing the work you wish to offer to clients for yourself.

If you want to offer social media marketing, then do it for your own pages. If you want to offer SEO, then do it for your own site. Experience will be your best teacher.

And lastly… Just do something. Put in the work and soon you will see a positive change in your freelancing career.

Ginger Arboleda

CEO of Manila Workshops. COO of Taxumo. Blogger at http://mommyginger.com Instagram: @gingerarboleda

The start of the year is best for creating plans and goals. What worked for me for the last 3 years is creating a vision board. My vision board contains general goals that I want to achieve in the next 10 years and more specific financial goals for short-term goals. I update my financial goal sheet every month. Having something that I see every day makes me strive to attain it even more. Also, strategic planning sessions should not be limited to just people in the corporate world. As a freelancers, you should set aside time to think about strategies that you will do to grow and advance your freelancing business / career!

Janette Toral

E-Commerce Advocate and Digital Influencer providing Independent Insights.

1. Be on the lookout for new niches.
A good example on this one is cryptocurrency trading. With the rise of Bitcoin, a new set of clients have emerged. They want to get into it without necessarily having to do the trading themselves. This opens new opportunities are these are usually revenue sharing in nature.

2. Learn-Unlearn-ReLearn
Take an inventory of your skills and decide which one do you want to review and re-learn based on market interest.

I am a freelance e-commerce advocate / professional. At my highest value, at my best, I provide independent insights. My works can be accessed at http://patreon.com/janettetoral and http://bit.ly/ecomlearn

Virginia B. Bautista

Independent LinkedIn Consultant at VB Consulting (VBC), Managing Editor at Morgan & Westfield, Writing/Editing Consultant at Study.com, and LinkedIn Expert


1. Build your personal brand. To compete in the global economy and with the millions of freelancers worldwide, you have no choice but to STAND OUT. If you are generic and if you don’t distinguish yourself from the pack, you will eventually burn out. Why? You will get tired of chasing after clients and of working long hours just to pay your bills and sustain your needs. You want to have that confidence to charge what you deserve so you can be really “free.” The long-term solution to most problems that freelancers encounter is building a strong brand that attracts high-paying clients.

2. Ditch freelance bidding sites. If, as a newbie, you are advised to go to Upwork or other freelance marketplaces to find clients, think about it several times before you jump in. To me, relying on freelance marketplaces to get clients is a trap that can kill your career. My suggestion is for you to find an alternative platform that empowers you to control your own career or freelance business. Of course, to me, that’s LinkedIn. You can secure a steady stream of income as a freelancer by building a powerful personal brand on LinkedIn. It’s hard work, yes, but there’s no shortcut to authentic success that empowers you to charge what you’re worth.

3. Never stop learning. Learning, and learning alone, is your passport to being remarkable. Why? Because the majority of the population won’t be willing to learn and to get out of their comfort zone. If you’re willing to work hard to apply what you’ve learned even if it means being uncomfortable, you’re already ahead of most people. Everything changes so fast, and without the willingness to learn, you’ll perish.

If you want to learn more how you can leverage LinkedIn for success in freelancing, connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/virginiabautista/

Dianne Mae Cardenas Omoso

Freelance Writer and Multi-disciplined Content Marketing Specialist

Tip for aspiring Virtual Assistants this 2018: Stop focusing on skills that are “trending” and start focusing on your areas of specialization.

Although it is good to have numerous skills and knowledge of different areas you should be focusing on what value you can bring to your clients – starting with your strengths.

Align yourself to your clients goals. Focus on excellence in everything that you undertake and good things are sure to follow.



Cyrel Panelo Nicolas

IT Instructor by day, SEO Specialist by night, Programmer by preference.

I’ve been in freelancing for almost 7 years and been exposed to different clients here and abroad. And I tell you that working as a freelancer is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made compared to working in an office setup. However, I also experienced being fooled/scammed by someone whom I thought was a legitimate client. See that, even myself who’s living in the internet was once fooled. It only proves that freelancing is not only a good place to earn money but also a place of false promises. So, here are my friendly tips that will guide you to make your freelancing work safe, easy and productive.

If you want to venture in freelancing, you must possess the characteristic of a risk taker. You must not be afraid to sail into the unknown. However, keep in mind that there are lots of bogus and scammers lurking all over the internet. You need to be very careful, add extra precaution and do background checks before dealing with potential clients. Make sure to have time in studying their profile, searching for other references to verify if client is real or a fake one. In addition, if you are an aspiring freelancer, you should be open to new challenges. Versatility and learning to embrace new technologies are the right keys to savor the goodness of working as freelancer.

I hope that these tips will be of great help as you undertake the realm of freelancing. I am looking forward seeing you in freelancing and start building your own career.

Cyrel P. Nicolas

SEO Freelancer


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