How To Become A Successful Freelancer Without Experience or Skills

How To Start Freelancing Without Experience

I’ve seen this question get asked a lot.

You may have just graduated college.  You may have temporarily dropped out of college.  You may have just graduated high school.  You may have just quit your corporate job.

Whatever the case may be, you have an interest in pursuing freelancing as a lifestyle and career.  What kind of experience, skills, and education do you need to have to be successful as a freelancer?  Well, most successful freelancers are self-taught meaning they taught themselves everything they know on their own or with the help of somebody else.

Successful freelancers are great at 2 things: figuring out what they are good at and becoming great at it and figuring out what is trending and what is in-demand and adapting to those trends.

The biggest concern with new freelancers is not knowing what to do or how to approach freelancing.  Fear of not being good enough.  Fear that clients won’t like them.  The number one thing clients look at other than skills and experience is confidence.  If you are confident in not only yourself but in what you do, it is very easy for a client to want to hire you.

I always recommend doing the following:

  1. Figure out what you are great at.  What do you enjoy doing that you can get better at and master?
  2. Be confident in yourself.  Remove any self-doubt.
  3. Polish your resume. If you are a writer, focus on what makes you a good writer.  If you are a graphics designer, focus on what makes you a good graphics designer.  Do not oversell yourself.  Not all clients are the same but most clients do not care that you speak 3 languages, have 3 pets, and graduated college.  Not that speaking 3 languages and being a college graduate is bad but the client wants to know what you can do for them.  What do you have that can solve their problems in their business?  No experience?  Create something.  Even if you have to work for someone for free.  Experience is king.
  4. Find out where your potential clients are at.  Where do clients who want to hire writers go to?  Find the right platform for your niche and promote yourself there.

Once you find potential job openings, apply for them.  Do not be afraid.  Reach out to the client.  Have confidence in yourself.  Be sure that your skills are a good match with the job.  Have confidence.  You never know what will happen.

In the end, success in freelancing comes down to how confident you are in yourself and what you can provide to the business.  There’s nothing special. If you want to know “what kind of job should I get to get experience?” or “what kind of education do I need to become a great freelancer?”,  you don’t need any special education or any special work experience.  Just focus on what you know and what you enjoy doing and become better at it.  Are you great at writing?  Create a blog and write.  Graphics design?  Create designs and publish them somewhere.  Social media marketing?  Create a facebook page, put something on it, and get followers.  The best freelancers are those who know how to create their own opportunities (which is why they are able to be entrepreneurs).

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